Creative uses of home canned/cooked mishaps


Ever since last summer’s canning season, when one of my friends had a
jam that just wouldn’t set no matter what, I’ve been pondering things
to do with canning attempts that didn’t work right. Then I started
thinking about canning of leftovers that are truly not intended for
canning. Then I started thinking about those cooking mishaps where
something went terribly wrong and how to rescue the time / effort /
ingredients. Here are just a few examples, and I hope others will
contribute to this thread.


1. Salad dressing
2. Sauces for meat dishes or protein dishes
3. Syrups for pancakes, waffles, etc.
4. Smoothies
5. Beverages (either mixed alcoholic, or lemonade variations, or others)
6. Marinades
7. Sauces for desserts (can you mix into a hard sauce?)
8. “Sweet” omelets (a spoonful with an ounce of cream cheese)


Example 1:
Cleaning cupboards and found a bunch of dried fruit that had sat and
dried a good bit more than normal. But, you know, it makes a fine
spiced fruit soup. Lots of recipes for these in Swedish and
Scandinavian traditions. If the flavor is too intense, add some
coconut milk or wine to round out the flavor.

Example 2:
I’d bought some fresh glowing green cardamon, and found a goodly
amount of the same spice in the cupboard when I went to put it away.
The old spice still smelled great, but wasn’t as freshly green. Too
good to throw away, but not good enough that I’d want to use it in my
special recipes. So I boiled it into a simple syrup, once a day for
three days, then strained and canned it. The cardamon syrup is a
lovely addition to coffee, lemonade, salad dressing, etc. I found
something on the internet saying folks use it in mixed drinks.


Example 1:
Forget the sugar in the pumpkin pie? Sautée a mess of onions, smother
the pie with onions, layer cheese on top of that, and bake again until

Example 2:
Put too much salt in that chip dip? Add a spoon of honey.

Example 3:
Accidentally doubled the cinnamon or clove in the pumpkin pie recipe?
Scrape the custard out of the crust into a new bowl. Beat VERY
lightly. Mix a batch of plain or vanilla egg custard. Fill individual
portion custard cups half full of plain custard, add a generous dollop
of overspiced pumpkin custard, draw tableknife through to marble, bake
until set.

Example 4:
Out of pie crust, but have your cherry pie filling ready for dessert?
Add a cup of red wine and a quarter cup of amaretto to 2 cups of
cherry filling, boil with a little tapioca if you want to thicken it
more, serve as an elegant fruit soup with cinnamon stick garnish and
whipped cream on top.

What are the brilliant rescues you’ve come up with? What are the
cooking snafus you wish you had solved?


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