Ginger Beer Concentrate

I planned to wait on this until I made another batch and got better
pics, but it is cold day, people have coughs, and someone might need
this. Most people take ginger beer concentrate and mix it with fizzy
water or soda water, or some even ferment it with yeast to get the
bubbles. That variety is served cold. I am not a fan of cold beverages
in general, and like it mixed with boiling water for a hot beverage
more along the line of ginger lemon tea.

I had previously shared my original recipe for Ginger Beer Concentrate
at Cancerlynx, as part of a post on easing nausea during chemotherapy.

Ginger for Nausea and Indigestion
by Patricia Anderson, Alexandra Andrews, Jill Cohen,, Bernadette Festa, RD, MS and Norma Snyder

GINGER BEER CONCENTRATE (from common household ingredients)

3 teaspoon dried ginger powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup water

Bring to boil. Add:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup orange juice

Boil again, reduce to simmer 15 min. Bottle/Can. Makes two cups.

Please note that many people use limes instead of lemons, or lemons
instead of limes, and mostly folks stick to just one citrus fruit per
batch. I’ve even made big batches with a mix of lemons, limes, oranges
and grapefruit. That was pretty darn good, I must say!

This time I thought I wanted to try using fresh ginger, since a new
store near me has really nice fresh ginger. Here is what I did.


1-1/2 pound ginger
6 large lemons

– Cuisinart or blend or chop fine with rind. Of course, you have to
chop into 1 or 2 inch chunks to put in blender or Cuisinart.

8 cups water

– Boil. Strain in cheesecloth.

1/2 cup orange bitters
2 pounds brown sugar
2 cups white sugar

– Boil. Can or bottle.
– Serve by mixing with water (either cold and fizzy or HOT, your
choice). I use about 2-3 tablespoons per coffee cup.

I have mixed feelings about all the brown sugar, which gives it a kind
of molasses taste. I kind of like it, but am not sure other folks

UPDATE 2-16-11: With the from-scratch recipe, I’ve started using 1/4C per 12-oz mug 
of hot water, and find it tastes very much like liquid gingerbread.


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3 Responses to Ginger Beer Concentrate

  1. Jason Riedy says:

    Aha, found the main link again. *Yum*.

  2. PF Anderson says:

    Sorry, I missed your comment! Yes, I’ve been drinking a lot of this. I think I want a tad more ginger, tho …

  3. Jenn Forager says:

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