Moroccan Preserved Lemons (Prezi Style)


I’ve been meaning to blog the Moroccan Preserved Lemons I made after
being inspired by Carla, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I did get
loads of pics taken, and was all ready. Well, today I needed something
simple to practice learning Prezi at work, and inspired by Gabriel who
was teaching the class, decided to try a recipe. Here goes!

Moroccan Preserved Lemons:

I don’t know if Posterous will allow me to embed a Prezi, so trying
this, but not sure it will work. Fingers crossed!


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Single mom, emerging technologies librarian, e-health, EBHC, informatics, search engines, social media, MODERATE, ♫, quilts/yarn/origami, food, iaido. SL: Perplexity Peccable
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