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Rhubarb Banana Custard Pie

When I was young, my mother always made strawberry rhubarb freezer jam. I loved it. It tasted like fresh strawberries. Wonderful. But strawberry rhubarb pie was always, always, always a huge taste disappointment for me. Because the strawberries were cooked, … Continue reading

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Pickled Buddha’s Hand

I haven’t been posting here much, partly because of time and partly because my shoulder’s not working right and my hand’s in a splint (and this has been going on in various forms for about six months now). Slows me … Continue reading

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Banana Foster Quinoa Pudding

Our church choir traditionally has a Mardi Gras party with potluck. This is my first time since going gluten free. They are going to TRY making a gluten-free roux for the big pots of gumbo, and I struggled with what … Continue reading

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Peach Yogurt Custard Pie

Just in case anyone is thinking this might be a pie made with peach yogurt from the store, nope! This is a pie made with peaches and yogurt, as two separate and distinct things. In summer, I often make this … Continue reading

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Watermelon Shrub

Ever cut a watermelon, with no room in the fridge, and can’t get people to eat it? Here’s a solution I just made up, and with which I’m quite happy. 🙂 I’ve been making all these infused vinegars, and had … Continue reading

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Vinegars! Of Many Flavors …

Just because I haven’t had time to write, doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking. Oh, I am so busy! This will be known as the Vinegar Summer, I suspect. Briefly, backstory. I went gluten free almost a year ago. In … Continue reading

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Broccoli Salad

The result of a trip to the Farmers Market with my friend Cathy combined with hunger and pure inspiration. It was absolutely delicious. I had to write it down and take notes, so I can share. Enjoy! SALAD 1 sm-med … Continue reading

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